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# Lite XL for AmigaOS 4.1 FE
Lite XL is coming to AmigaOS 4.1.
A few things are not quite working. Please have a look at the "Known issues"
section below.
Lite XL is a lightweight text editor written in Lua.
## Installation
You can extract the Lite XL archive wherever you want and run the *lite*
@ -28,6 +25,142 @@ Change the path to the one of your preference.
SetEnv SAVE HOME "Sys:home/"
## Addons
### Colors
Colors are lua files that set the color scheme of the editor. There are
light and dark themes for you to choose.
To install and use them you have to copy the ones you would like from
`addons/colors/light` or `addons/colors/dark` into the folder
`.config/lite-xl/colors/`. Don't add light or dark folders. Just copy the
.lua files in there.
Then you have to start Lite XL and open your configuration by clicking
at the cog icon at the toolbar (bottom left sixth icon). Go at the line
that looks like below
-- core.reload_module("colors.summer")
and change the `summer` with the name of your color theme. Also, remove
the two dashes `--` at the start of the line and save the file. If you
did everything right, the color schema should change instantly.
The themes can also be found at
### Plugins
The Lite XL that you are using on AmigaOS 4 is based on version 1.16.12
and not the latest version that is available by the development team.
This means that the latest plugins are not working at all or need some
modifications to work.
To make it easier for you, I gathered some of the plugins that are working
well, and I included them at the `addons/plugins`. For you to install the
ones you would like to use, you have to copy the `.lua` files into the
folder `.config/lite-xl/plugins/` and restart the editor.
The included plugins are the following:
Automatically inserts closing brackets and quotes. Also allows selected
text to be wrapped with brackets or quotes.
Automatically hardwraps lines when typing
Shows the current time and date in a view with large text
Underlines matching pair for bracket under the caret
Underlays color values (eg. `#ff00ff` or `rgb(255, 0, 255)`) with their
resultant color.
Make sure the file ends with one blank line.
Preview tabs. Opening a doc will replace the contents of the preview tab.
Marks tabs as non-preview on any change or tab double clicking.
Opens a preview of the current markdown file in a browser window
Hides the line numbers on the left of documents
Adds indent guides
Syntax for the Make build system language
Syntax for shell scripting language
Automatically inserts indentation and closing bracket/text after newline
Add markers to docs and jump between them quickly
Show memory usage in the status view
Shows a minimap on the right-hand side of the docview.
Adds a motion-trail to the caret
Allows moving back and forward between document positions, reducing the
amount of scrolling
Show nesting of parentheses with rainbow colours
Keep a list of recently closed tabs, and restore the tab in order on
Highlights regions of code that match the current selection
Todo tree viewer for annotations in code like `TODO`, `BUG`, `FIX`,
## Tips and tricks
### Transitions
If you want to disable the transitions and make the scrolling a little faster,
open your configuration by clicking at the cog icon at the toolbar
(bottom left sixth icon) and add the followline at the end of the file and
save it.
config.transitions = false
### Hide files from the file list
If you would like to hide files or whole folder from the left side bar list,
open your configuration by clicking at the cog icon at the toolbar
(bottom left sixth icon) and add the followline at the end of the file and
save it. This hides all the files that start with a dot, and all the `.info`
config.ignore_files = {"^%.", "$"}
You can add as many rules as you want in there, to hide fore files or
folders, as you like.
## Know issues
You can find the known issues at
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# Changelog
## [] - future
## [] - 2022-01-11
## Added
- Added config.scroll_past_end that when its true lets the user scroll
further than the end of the file. By default is set to true.
@ -47,6 +180,8 @@
system, you can disable them using SDL ENV variable, like below:
setenv SDL_RENDER_DRIVER "software"
- Added plugins and color schemas in addons folder and information at
the README_OS4 file (#10)
## [] - 2022-01-04
### Fixed


@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
#include <proto/dos.h>
#include <proto/exec.h>
#define VSTRING "Lite XL (04.01.2022)"
#define VSTRING "Lite XL (11.01.2022)"
#define VERSTAG "\0$VER: " VSTRING
static CONST_STRPTR stack USED = "$STACK:102400";
@ -14,3 +14,4 @@ char *_fullpath(const char *);