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George Sokianos 5 months ago
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# Lite XL for AmigaOS 4.1 FE
Lite XL is coming to AmigaOS 4.1. This is a preview release for my supporters and not ready for public
release, so please do not share it yet.
A lot of things are not quite working. Please have a look at the todo list below, for known bugs and
things I want to develop.
## Installation
Before you run Lite XL you have to set an ENV variable setting your HOME, if you haven't done that yet.
A folder will be created in there with your user configuration.
You can check if there is one set with
If there is one set, then you will see the path at the output.
Otherwise, you can set one using the following command. Change the path to the one of your preference.
SetEnv SAVE HOME "Sys:home/"
## TODO list
- Free lost Gfx memory
- Make the keyboard shortcuts work. Now, everything can be done with mouse clicks at the toolbar at the bottom of the file list at the left.
- If `HOME` is not set, set it to program folder on program run, having that as an ENV variable, without saving it (only in ENV:)
- Make the application aknowledge of the executable file name. Now it works only with the filename `lite`
- Add Amiga versionings
- Fix the resolution of the fullscreen mode
- Fix load file when add an Amiga path at the search line
- Add menu items
- Create a MorphOS port


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