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This files document the changes done in Lite XL for each release.


Add syntax support for C++.

Respect the XDG_CONFIG_HOME variable if set to define the USERDIR.

Fix an error that prevented navigating large repositories in some rare situations.

Minor preformance improvements for drawing operations and events handling.

Improve macOS keybindings thanks to @bjornbm and @prantlf.

Improve behavior of applications when restoring workspaces to avoid displaying empty documents.


When opening directories with too many files lite-xl now keep diplaying files and directories in the treeview. The application remains functional and the directories can be explored without using too much memory. In this operating mode the files of the project are not indexed so the command "Core: Find File" will act as the "Core: Open File" command. The "Project Search: Find" will work by searching all the files present in the project directory even if they are not indexed.

Implemented changing fonts per syntax group by @liquidev.

Example user module snippet that makes all comments italic:

local style = require ""

-- italic.ttf must be provided by the user
local italic = renderer.font.load("italic.ttf", 14)
style.syntax_fonts["comment"] = italic

Improved indentation behavior by @adamharrison.

Fix bug with close button not working in borderless window mode.

Fix problem with normalization of filename for opened documents.


Improved syntax highlight system thanks to @liquidev and @adamharrison. Thanks to the new system we provide more a accurate syntax highlighting for Lua, C and C++. Other syntax improvements contributed by @vincens2005.

Move to JetBrains Mono and Fira Sans fonts for code and UI respectively. Thet are provided under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. See doc/ for license details.

Fixed bug with fonts and rencache module. Under very specific situations the application was crashing due to invalid memory access.

Add documentation for keymap binding, thanks to @Janis-Leuenberger.

Added a contributors page in doc/


Fix a bug related to nested panes resizing.

Fix problem preventing creating a new file.


Fix application crash when using the command core:restart.

Improve application startup to reduce "flashing".

Move to new plugins versioning using tag mod-version:1. The mod-version is a single digit version that tracks the plugins compatibility version independently from the lite-xl version.

For backward compatibility the tag -- lite-xl 1.16 is considered equivalent to mod-version:1 so users don't need to update their plugins.

Both kind of tags can appear in new plugins in the form:

-- mod-version:1 -- lite-xl 1.16

where the old tag needs to appear at the end for compatibility.


Add support for retina displays on Mac OS X.

Fix a few problems related to file paths.


Implement a system to check the compatibility of plugins by checking a release tag. Plugins that don't have the release tag will not be loaded.

Improve and extend the NagView with keyboard commands. Special thanks to @takase1121 for the implementation and @liquidev for proposing and discussing the enhancements.

Add support to build on Mac OS X and create an application bundle. Special thanks to @mathewmariani for his lite-macos fork, the Mac OS specific resources and his support.

Add hook function DocView.on_text_change so that plugin can accurately react on document changes. Thanks to @vincens2005 for the suggestion and testing the implementation.

Enable borderless window mode using the config.borderless variable. If enable the system window's bar will be replaced by a title bar provided by lite-xl itself.

Fix a drawing engine bug that caused increased CPU usage for drawing operations.

Add system.set_window_opacity function.

Add codepoint replacement API to support natively the "draw whitespaces" option. It supersedes the drawwhitespace plugin. If can be configured using the config.draw_whitespace boolean variable and enabled and disables using the commands draw-whitespace:toggle, draw-whitespace:enable, draw-whitespace:disable.

Improve the NagView to accept keyboard commands and introduce dialog commands.

Add hook function Doc:on_text_change called on document changes, to be used by plugins.


Hotfix for Github's issue


Add tooltips to show full file names from the tree-view.

Introduce NagView to show warning dialog about unsaved files.

Detect High-DPI displays on Linux using Xft.dpi entry from xrdb's output.

Made animations independent of framerate, and added a config setting config.animation_rate for customizing the speed of animations.

Made borders between tabs look cleaner.

Fix problem with files using hard tabs.


Implement close button for tabs.

Make the command view list of suggestion scrollable to see all the items.

Improve update/resize behavior of treeview and toolbar.


Improve behavior of commands to move, delete and duplicate multiple lines: no longer include the last line if it does not contain any selection.

Fix graphical artefacts when rendering some fonts like FiraSans.

Introduce the config.transitions boolean variable. When false the transitions will be disabled and changes will be done immediately. Very useful for remote sessions where visual transitions doesn't work well.

Fix many small problems related to the new toolbar and the tooptips. Fix problem with spacing in treeview when using monospace fonts.


Implement a toolbar shown in the bottom part of the tree-view. The toolbar is especially meant for new users to give an easy, visual, access to the more important commands.

Make the treeview actually resizable and shows the resize cursor only when panes are actually resizable.

Add config mechanism to disable a plugin by setting config.<plugin-name> = false.

Improve the "detect indent" plugin to take into account the syntax and exclude comments for much accurate results.

Add command root:close-all to close all the documents currently opened.

Show the full path filename of the active document in the window's title.

Fix problem with user's module reload not always enabled.


Project directories

Extend your project by adding more directories using the command core:add-directory. To remove them use the corresponding command core:remove-directory.


The workspace plugin from rxi/lite-plugins is now part of Lite XL. In addition to the functionalities of the original plugin the extended version will also remember the window size and position and the additonal project directories. To not interfere with the project's files the workspace file is saved in the personal Lite's configuration folder. On unix-like systems it will be in: $HOME/.config/lite-xl/ws.

Scrolling the Tree View

It is now possible to scroll the tree view when there are too many visible items.

Recognize ~ for the home directory

As in the unix shell ~ is now used to identify the home directory.

Files and Directories

Add command to create a new empty directory within the project using the command files:create-directory. In addition a control-click on a project directory will prompt the user to create a new directory inside the directory pointed.

New welcome screen

Show 'Lite XL' instead of 'lite' and the version number.

Various fixes and improvements

A few quirks previously with some of the new features have been fixed for a better user experience.


Project Management

Add a new command, Core: Change Project Folder, to change project directory by staying on the same window. All the current opened documents will be closed. The new command is associated with the keyboard combination ctrl+shit+c.

A similar command is also added, Core: Open Project Folder, with key binding ctrl+shift+o. It will open the chosen folder in a new window.

In addition Lite XL will now remember the recently used projects across different sessions. When invoked without arguments it will now open the project more recently used. If a directory is specified it will behave like before and open the directory indicated as an argument.

Restart command

A Core: Restart command is added to restart the editor without leaving the current window. Very convenient when modifying the Lua code for the editor itself.

User's setting auto-reload

When saving the user configuration, the user's module, the changes will be automatically applied to the current instance.

Bundle community provided colors schemes

Included now in the release files the colors schemes from

Usability improvements

Improve left and right scrolling of text to behave like other editors and improves text selection with mouse.


Correct font's rendering for full hinting mode when using subpixel antialiasing.


Rendering options for fonts

When loading fonts with the function renderer.font.load some rendering options can be optionally specified:

  • antialiasing: grayscale or subpixel
  • hinting: none, slight or full

See data/core/style.lua for the details about its utilisation.

The default remains antialiasing subpixel and hinting slight to reproduce the behavior of previous versions. The option grayscale with full hinting is specially interesting for crisp font rendering without color artifacts.

Unix-like install directories

Use unix-like install directories for the executable and for the data directory. The executable will be placed under $prefix/bin and the data folder will be $prefix/share/lite-xl. The folder $prefix is not hard-coded in the binary but is determined at runtime as the directory such as the executable is inside $prefix/bin. If no such $prefix exist it will fall back to the old behavior and use the "data" folder from the executable directory.

In addtion to the EXEDIR global variable an additional variable is exposed, DATADIR, to point to the data directory.

The old behavior using the "data" directory can be still selected at compile time using the "portable" option. The released Windows package will use the "data" directory as before.

Configuration stored into the user's home directory

Now the Lite XL user's configuration will be stored in the user's home directory under ".config/lite-xl". The home directory is determined using the "HOME" environment variable except on Windows wher "USERPROFILE" is used instead.

A new global variable USERDIR is exposed to point to the user's directory.


  • include changes from rxi's Lite 1.11
  • fix behavior of tab to indent multiple lines
  • disable auto-complete on very big files to limit memory usage
  • limit project scan to a maximum number of files to limit memory usage
  • list recently visited files when using "Find File" command


  • Subpixel font rendering, removed gamma correction
  • Avoid using CPU when the editor is idle


  • subpixel font rendering with gamma correction