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# Project: Lite XL
# Created on: 26-12-2021
LiteXL_OBJ := \
src/dirmonitor.o src/main.o src/rencache.o src/renderer.o \
src/renwindow.o src/api/api.o src/api/regex.o \
src/api/renderer.o src/api/system.o src/platform/amigaos4.o
outfile := lite
compiler := gcc
cxxcompiler := g++
INCPATH := -Isrc -Ilib/dmon -I/sdk/local/newlib/include/SDL2 -I/sdk/local/common/include/freetype2
# -Wextra -Wall
CFLAGS := -Werror -Wwrite-strings -O3 -g -std=gnu11 -fno-strict-aliasing
# "-gstabs -finstrument-functions -fno-inline -DPROFILING"
LFLAGS := -mcrt=newlib -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++ -lauto -lpcre2 -lSDL2 -llua -lagg -lfreetype -lm -lunix -lpthread -athread=native
# " -lprofyle"
.PHONY: LiteXL clean release
default: LiteXL
@echo "Cleaning compiler objects..."
@rm -f $(LiteXL_OBJ)
LiteXL: $(LiteXL_OBJ)
@echo "Linking LiteXL"
@$(cxxcompiler) -o $(outfile) $(LiteXL_OBJ) $(LFLAGS)
@echo "Compiling $<"
@$(compiler) -c $< -o $*.o $(CFLAGS) $(INCPATH) $(DFLAGS)
src/dirmonitor.o: src/dirmonitor.c src/platform/amigaos4.h
src/main.o: src/main.c src/api/api.h src/rencache.h \
src/renderer.h src/platform/amigaos4.h src/dirmonitor.h
src/rencache.o: src/rencache.c
src/renderer.o: src/renderer.c
src/renwindow.o: src/renwindow.c
src/api/api.o: src/api/api.c
src/api/regex.o: src/api/regex.c
src/api/renderer.o: src/api/renderer.c
src/api/system.o: src/api/system.c
src/platform/amigaos4.o: src/platform/amigaos4.c
mkdir -p release/LiteXL2
cp release_files/* release/LiteXL2/ -r
mv release/LiteXL2/ release/
cp data release/LiteXL2/ -r
cp release/LiteXL2/
cp lite release/LiteXL2/
strip release/LiteXL2/lite
cp release/LiteXL2/
cp release/LiteXL2/
cp LICENSE release/LiteXL2/
lha -aeqr3 a LiteXL2_OS4.lha release/