Official repository of the OpenJPEG project
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Check-list OpenJPEG Release
* update MAJOR, MINOR, BUILD, SOVERSION in CMakeLists.txt
* update MAJOR, MINOR, BUILD in appveyor.yml
* update CHANGELOG with
`github_changelog_generator --token TOKEN_HERE --exclude-labels gcode_fixed,OpjVersion-1.x --release-url "" --since-tag v2.3.1 --future-release v2.4.0 --output --user uclouvain --project openjpeg --exclude-tags version.1.0` . TOKEN_HERE is created at
* update
* git tag -a v2.4.0 -m "OpenJPEG v2.4.0 release"
* git push origin --tags
* add post to OpenJPEG website in gh-pages branch in _posts/ subdirectory. See commit
* change binversion of openjpeg website in _config.yml in gh-pages branch
* update release description if needed
* update openjpeg.json with latest release
* update OPJ_LATEST_VERSION in, uncomment and update OPJ_PREVIOUS_VERSION in, and push
* locally run: OPJ_CI_ABI_CHECK=1 ./tools/travis-ci/
* cd ~/abi-check/work/abi-check/
* put the sources of the new version in src/openjpeg/2.X.0/version.-2.X.0.tar.gz
* PATH=$PWD/../../tools/abi-tracker/bin:$PWD/../../tools/wdiff/bin:$PWD/../../tools:$PATH abi-monitor -v 2.X.0 -build ./openjpeg.json
* PATH=$PWD/../../tools/abi-tracker/bin:$PWD/../../tools/wdiff/bin:$PWD/../../tools:$PATH abi-tracker -build ./openjpeg.json
* rm -rf src/openjpeg/current
* rm -rf build_logs
* git add --all .
* git commit -m "Update ABI/API compatibility reports after 2.X.0 release"
* git push
* cd ~/openjpeg/openjpeg
* comment back OPJ_PREVIOUS_VERSION and push
* build doc and update Doxygen on website
* manual build on Windows:
- cmake --build . --target package --config Release
* send email to ML opj, comp.compression, iiif
* tweet