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Separate fuzz targets to increase coverage (#1416)
1 year ago
conformance Spelling fixes (patch by ka7, #890, rebased on top of master) 6 years ago
fuzzers Separate fuzz targets to increase coverage (#1416) 1 year ago
nonregression Test decoding a .jhc file with vertically causal context variation 2 years ago
performance implement -i option 6 years ago
profiling Add profiling of CPU and memory usage (#912) 6 years ago
unit API: deprecate 'bpp' member in favor of 'prec' 2 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Allow several repeated calls to opj_set_decode_area() and opj_decode() for single-tiled images 6 years ago
compare_dump_files.c Add sanity check for tile coordinates (#823) 7 years ago
compare_images.c opj_compress: add a -TargetBitDepth switch for TIFF output (#1384) 2 years ago
compare_raw_files.c [trunk] fixed return value for compare_raw_files (fixes issue 453) 9 years ago
include_openjpeg.c Add compilation test for standalone inclusion of openjpeg.h (#798) 7 years ago
j2k_random_tile_access.c [trunk]Replaced deprecated opj_stream_set_user_data function from API 9 years ago
pdf2jp2.c trunk: extend support for pdf2jp2 9 years ago
ppm2rgb3.c [trunk] Add documentation 9 years ago
test_decode_area.c test_decode_area.c: assign tdy to *ptileh instead of *ptilew (fixes #1195) 4 years ago
test_tile_decoder.c Fix some issues reported by Coverity Scan (#846) 7 years ago
test_tile_encoder.c test_tile_encoder: fix checks on argc 6 years ago