Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
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# Project: speedtest-cli
# Created by George "walkero" Sokianos
# 2022-07-31
release: clean
mkdir -p release/speedtest-cli
cp -r release_files/* release/speedtest-cli/
cp release/speedtest-cli/speedtest-cli
protect release/speedtest-cli/speedtest-cli srwed
cp -r simplejson release/speedtest-cli/
rm -rf release/speedtest-cli/simplejson/tests
cp release/speedtest-cli/
cp README.rst release/speedtest-cli/
cp LICENSE release/speedtest-cli/
cp release_files/Icons/cha05e90/ release/
lha -aeqr3 a speedtest-cli.lha release/
rm -rf release
rm -f simplejson/#?.pyc