• v1.16.12.5 32a3d4b933

    v1.16.12.5 Stable

    walkero released this 2022-01-03 02:02:05 +01:00 | 11 commits to os4-1.16.12 since this release


    • Changed the Gfx memory leak solution to a fix that was applied by the
      editor development team on Lua scripts at a later version. Less custom
      code for AmigaOS 4 port.
    • Now, when return from fullscreen, there is no extra header visible
      at the top of the window content


    • Fixed the assertion error and crash when the window is resized (#2)
    • Fixed the resolution on fullscreen toggle to be like the workbench (#4)
    • Fixed loading the current folder from terminal using the dot, like
      lite . or without it (#3)