• v2.1.0r1 789004ea2c

    v2.1.0r1 Stable

    walkero released this 2022-10-10 20:11:57 +02:00 | 1 commits to amiga-2.0 since this release


    • This version of LiteXL recognises changes that are done outside the editor
      in files and folders, and updates the items when it gets focus again.


    • Synced the code with the latest upstream master branch, which means that
      this version is based on the latest available source
    • Now the plugins need to be version 3. The older versions will not work.
      All the included plugins are updated to the latest available version.
    • Compiled with SDL 2.24
    • Compiled with Lua 5.4


    • Fixed regex issues with some plugins
    • Fixed "Open in System" on AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. When you right click
      at a file or a folder at the treeview at the left side, then depending
      the type of the item opens on Workbench. A folder opens in a list view
      and a file opens with its default tool
    • Fixed markdown preview on MorphOS. Now, it calls openurl with the html
      file (#20)
    • Fixed locale issues on MorphOS (again), since the previous fix didn't
      actually fixed the problem