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    walkero released this 2022-09-04 23:49:17 +02:00 | 0 commits to amigaos since this release

    First release of the port to AmigaOS 4

    The game should run in 60fps but on my test system I get around 30fps with all
    the effects enabled. That's why I introduced an option at the Options screen,
    named "Effects Reduction" with values from 0 to 3. With 0 you have full effects
    everywhere, and with 3 you have less effects shown. That increases a lot the
    speed, but you might still see slowdowns in situations where there is a lot of
    action on the screen.

    It is recommended to open the SDL2 prefs and set the Driver to opengl/opengl2
    depending your gfx card and the drivers you have installed.