• 4.0.3r2 c076098ad9

    4.0.3r2 Stable

    walkero released this 2023-07-04 21:57:51 +02:00 | 0 commits to amigaos since this release


    • Compiled with latest SDL 2.0.28 that has a better support for 16bit
      screens. Now it works under Qemu. Tested with Software rendering


    • Fixed the hiscore date. Now it is saved on UTC +8 years which is
      the Amiga epoch diff against the unix one. This doesn affect the
      old hi-scores though
  • 4.0.3r1 5dd814e452

    4.0.3r1 Stable

    walkero released this 2022-12-21 18:59:51 +01:00 | 1 commits to amigaos since this release

    First release for AmigaOS 4