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Compile on Windows with Visual Studio

  1. Install Visual Studio Community 2019 with the "Desktop development with C++" workload
  2. Install CMake
  3. Install NSIS
  4. Download and unzip,,,
  5. Open Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019 and run the following, substituting paths as appropriate:
SET SDL2DIR=C:\repos\breakhackBuild\SDL2-2.0.9
SET SDL2MIXERDIR=C:\repos\breakhackBuild\SDL2_mixer-2.0.4
SET SDL2_IMAGE=C:\repos\breakhackBuild\SDL2_image-2.0.4
SET SDLTTFDIR=C:\repos\breakhackBuild\SDL2_ttf-2.0.15
cmake -S C:\repos\breakhack -B C:\repos\breakhackBuild
cmake --build C:\repos\breakhackBuild --target package --config Release