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Something in the ways of a roguelike

A simple roguelike written in C using SDL2.


Randomly generated maps/rooms. Leveling system, permadeath, multiple classes. Casual and fun for 10-20 minutes during a break from regular work/play.

I wanted to practice C and I'm comfortable using SDL2. The assets are graciously taken from the web. More info in the README in the assets folder.


This game is available in the steam store (release Okt 2018). If you enjoy the game and want a properly installed, signed copy of the game with achievements and global highscores you are most welcome to purchase it there. If you feel like getting a free copy you can download and compile from here.


I'd prefer if issues could be handled here on github. Either check the list if your particular problem is reported otherwise create a new issue. Support questions can be submitted as issues as well, I haven't figured out how I want to work with support yet since I haven't received any questions.


BreakHack is released under two different licenses.



Have an idea and able to implement it? Fork and send me a pull request and I'll check it out. If I like it I will add it. If it's a big thing I'll add your name to the credits list (once I add it in game).

If you do contribute something you should be aware that if your PR is merged into the master code-base your code will eventually make it out with the Steam version of the game. I don't make any revenue from those sales so don't expect any other compensation than a "I have code on Steam" feeling. Which is quite nice and also why I decided to release on Steam.